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For a safe holiday, before your arrival we will disinfect your apartment with systems and products in line with current legislation (Information note - Italian).

to Casa della Campana

Here we are! A familiar and well-kept place in which you can create your holiday, choosing the experiences that most resemble you. It is Casa della Campana, it is Romagna!

San Mauro Mare

San Mauro Mare is a small town on the Romagna Riviera. The few streets and the greenery of the two well-kept parks guarantee a daily life of smiles and tranquility. Dedicated to the tourist presence, it is full of services and activities that offer a comfortable and carefree holiday. The beach is perfectly organized with supervised bathing and the soft waters make our sea safe, especially for children.


At Casa della Campana respect for Nature is a family tradition. We live the cycle of the seasons respecting all the natural resources for a good collaboration in the dance of giving and receiving.

Over the years this attention to sustainability has also been expressed with structural and management choices towards the house.

Wanna be one of us? Make your holiday even more beautiful with our Vedemecum Verde.

Create your holiday: Romagna is a land of Nature, History and Excellence

From San Mauro Mare you can easily reach the unique beauties of Romagna. The whole territory is full of wonderful places to visit: valleys and parks of the Apennines, historical centers and museums rich in culture, villages and fortresses steeped in history. Everywhere you'll meet tables full of food and wine excellences and local craft shops.

Follow what fascinates you and enjoy special experiences wandering around, try to get lost and let yourself be carried by the streets, be surprised by the gentle sunsets in the hills and the always unique sunrises by the sea.

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Via Orsa Maggiore, 5
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